backup cisco config asa 5510

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How do I backup a cisco asa 5510 through the gui?
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Go to:

File - Save Running Configuration to TFTP Server

and then specify the TFTP server's IP address and the path on the TFTP server where you want to store the running configuration.  Click "Save Configuration"
BTW, the syntax for the path is "/<filename_you_want_to_name_the _backup_configuration_file".

So, for example, if you have a root directory set up on your TFTP server named C:\TFTP-ROOT and you specify "/asabackup.txt" in the path field, then the file will be stored at C:\TFTP-ROOT\asabackup.txt


How do I sent up a tftp server can use the ftp server on  my domain controller?
You can't use an FTP server from the GUI, only TFTP...but you can use an FTP server from the CLI if your adventurous...let me know if you want to try that and I'll walk you through that method.

There is a freeware TFTP server from SolarWinds (  It's pretty easy to install, just make sure you allow transfer and receive of files once it is's just a double-click of the setup.exe file and take all the's the one I use and it will actually set up a root directory just like the one I mentioned in my example above...

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