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I am try to develop a framework for generic database table actions. I am using asp.net 2.0 (c#) at server side, and heavily use of javascript in client side actions. My code still could do insert, delete, update and list operations, custom filtering and so on. I can say I finished all the operations on a single record. Most operation use ajax to send and retrieve data. Now its time to add Bulk update, and bulk insert operations. And I need an approach for bulk operations. Mostly bulk update still a problem in my mind. Think that what could be the steps for bulk update. Think that as 1 step is user select the data that he/she want to update then...? or what would you do..

insert seems much more easy so if I can handle update insert would not be a problem.

You can ask why you need bulk update it does not seems a good idea because there need many controls. But I need in my project anyway :)


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I am not quite sure exactly what it is you are looking for, but I wonder if the MERGE statement may be a possible solution. A MERGER will update and existing row, or insert it if it does not already exists.

Checkout this article on the Oracle Technology Network website.


that seems a greate solution, I will test it. thanks lappins.

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