Lost My Computer Server 2003 Standard

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Im have a server running 2003 standard edition that has lost the My Computer Icon. Its no longer on the desktop. Its also not in the start menu or the recycle bin. Does anyone know how to get it back??
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Have you tried right-clicking the start menu then pick properties from the list. Ensure the "Start Menu" option is selected (NOT classic start menu), customize button, then pick the Advanced tab. In the start menu items box scroll down to the "My Computer" heading and pick the "Display as a link" option. Click OK on all the boxes to close them.

Does the My Computer icon appear on Start Menu now? Note that in at least XP and 2003 the default start menu option is the new style start menu which means My Computer appears on the start menu and not the desktop by default.

You can get it on the desktop by opening the Display applet in Control Panel. Go to the Desktop tab, press the Customize desktop button, tick the My Computer box. You can also tick My Documents, My Network Places or Internet Explorer if you want them to be shown on your Desktop too. Again, press OK twice to close the boxes.

Hope this helps
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         Hi bankadmin
             *Start>Settings>Control Panel>Display>Click Desktop tab>Click Customize Desktop
            *In desktop icons, click My Computer. Then apply and close



Since both of your suggestions worked I kicked you both some points TigerMatt got more because he was first.

Thank you both
tigermattSite Reliability Engineer
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Glad to hear its all working. :-)

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