Reporting Services error: Report server is not responding

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I have just installed SQL Server Express on a WinXP machine but I'm unable to access the report manager website at http://localhost/reports.

The error I get is:

The report server is not responding.  Verify that the report server is running and can be accessed from this computer.

I've confirmed that the service is running through the configuration manager and .NET 2.0 is installed.  Can anyone help as I've seen the same problem posted by many people but with no conclusive answers.
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it happend with me before...the reason being i had two versions of .NETFramework at the same time. check if its the same with you.
 i have to uninstall and install my report services again. some one suggested me the order of installation should be
Framework 2.0 -> IIS -> Reporting Services

if you install or upgrade framework after installing IIS, then also its gonna be a problem

good luck


Thanks for that.
 I uninstalled everything and then re-installed in the order you suggested but now when I try to access http://localhost/reports I get the following:

<%@ Page language="c#" Codebehind="Home.aspx.cs" AutoEventWireup="false" Inherits="Microsoft.ReportingServices.UI.HomePage" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="MSRS" Namespace="Microsoft.ReportingServices.UI" Assembly="ReportingServicesWebUserInterface" %>

Any ideas?
I fixed this  by granting the account that is configured in the iss application pool for srs  (nt authority\network service in my case) to have EXECUTE permissions on the reporting database via sql mgt studio.

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