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I have a client that needs has Act 2000 and a Dymo Label Writer.  The problem is that when clicks Write > Print Label in Act, the address in the act 2000 database does not transfer over to the dymo software.  So the information from act does not want to transfer into the dymo software and make a label.  Its like you press print label in Act 2000 and dymo just opens up a new label document when it should have all the info already imported.  The Plugin for Act 2000 is already installed on the dymo.
Software involved: Act 2000 and Dymo Label Writer version
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I don't have direct experience with this problem but it sounds like the code that links the fields may have been damaged.  Have you tried reinstalling the Dymo Lable Writer software?  

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Well the Act 2000 and the Dymo Label writer software were installed at the same time.  The process involved with this is that you have to install a Dymo Laber Writer Plugin, so that it automatically accepts the code from the act 2000, you do this by installing a plugin from Dymo.  But for some reason all this is not working.  My client has 3 computers with all the dymo and act on them, two out of the three I just did windows reinstalls on and now only one works with the act 2000 to dymo import feature.  I know its complicated I just thought someone might be able to make it work...


You may have to follow-up with the manufacturer.  Here's a long shot:  look for a file called dependantdlls.xml - you'll find it under C:\Documents and Settings\Steve Stroz\Application Data\ACT\ACT for Windows 9

Delete the file.  ACT! will rebuild it on the next open.  That fixes a lot of "add-on" loading problems.

Good luck


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Billy - Before you try reinstalling both ACT! and the Dymo software, try: Start | Run | ACTREG

Also can you check if you get the same results with the demo database?
Forced accept.

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