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When I create an Agent to Auto Respond to new email, instead of the Response coming from the Mail box where I created the agent, it puts my name as the sender of the response. I need it to respond with the name of email box instead of mine. The agent just uses a simple action to Reply To Sender. Any ideas ?
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Since you are using simple actions, your only option is to sign the agent with the user's id.

Hi cedent,
I think you need to add to mail doc when it's created (before it's sent the first time):

maildoc.principal = "The address you want the reply to go to"

Hope this helps,

Sorry, didn't read carefully, simple action...
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How do you sign it with the user id if its from a group box?  Sorry, still learning.
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From a group box, you can't, unless you create an ID for the Group and then use that to sign the Agent.

Other option is to use a Lotus Script agent, which gives you more options, but still may need to be signed.

I hope this helps !
Does this mailbox have a group ID?  Authenticate with the group ID.  You can also try to delete all the certificates from the NAB and then sign in with that ID.

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