Exchange sent same email 8 times instead of once

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Hi Experts..

we are using a exchange 2003 server, and yesterday someoen sent out a bulk email to around 500 people. This is where the problems started for some reason the exchange server decided to send some people the email 8 times.. and i cant work out for the life me why??? was it just to many emails at once? We wont be sending that many out again but id still like to know why this happened and if there is anything i can go about it...

I did a search on Message Tracking Center and i got this info:

Any ideas what the hell happened?

Any advice would will be greatly recieved.

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Tracking will be hard to help out when you send out bulk email. Bulk mail should be sent per recipient. So 1 mail to 500 people, you click send once, then 500 separate emails go out. Lots of third party applications out there to do this.


Hi darkstar,
So i should i chalk it down to a bad idea to try and leave it at that?

thanks for quick reply..

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