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I recently configured an XP Pro SP2 workstation as desired, copied the configured profile to the Default User profile and verified that this worked by logging in with a new account and noting that the profile created has all the same configs and settings as the source profile.  The problem came after I sysprepped (sysprep XP)  the box and created a ghost image.  When I restored the image to a new box however I found certain settings had reset to default.  Specifically, System Restore was enabled whereas I'd turned it off prior to creating the image.  There were several other similar issues.  Is there anything else I need to be doing to prevent this issue from recurring?
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Just to clarify here:  What I want is for Sysprep to just reset the computers identifier information and to auto generate a name for the workstation.  That's pretty much it!  I've got the workstation configured just as I need all of our boxes to be configured so I can't have Sysprep resetting everything when an image is restore and that's what it's doing...As another example:  I set Folder Options to  Classic View under admin profile and then copied that profile to the Default User profile and verified that when logging into a new account, the profile is created with classic folders view, etc.  Sysprep XP is resetting all of these settings which I don't want.  I also need for Sysprep to leave the administrator account password alone but when running Sysprep's SetupMgr.exe it prompts me to enter the desired Admin Password.  I just want it to remain as I manually configured it.  The version of Sysprep I'm using is one I pulled off the Windows XP SP2 disk (support folder).  Please pass along info and/or links to tell me how to do this propel
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Check out this entire thread - I think it has the answer you need:

Here is an exerpt from that thread:

not too elegant but works..




rd /s /q "c:\Documents and Settings\Default User"
xcopy "c:\PreInstall\Default User" "c:\Documents and Settings\Default User" /E /I /H

basically, once you are happy with Default Profile, make a copy and save it somewhere, in the above example c:\PreInstall folder.

(you can nuke PreInstall folder at the end too if you want)

Make a batch in Sysprep folder that replaces default profile generated by mini setup with your preconfigured one, add batch file process at the end of mini setup.
kzabbottSenior Systems Administrator

did you get this working?

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