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I am trying to figure out a Perl script that has no documentation.  The first lines have the following, which I assume are includes for other code perhaps?  Can I assume I will need to view these as well to fully grasp the application.  Unfortunaely the directory where the .cgi script is located does not have any of these folders?  Where can I look to locate what I assume are include files beside the directory of the script?
use CGI;
use CGI::Cookie;
use Template;
use HTML::Prototype;
use lib './';
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perldoc CGI
perldoc CGI::Cookie
perldoc Template
perldoc HTML::Prototype
perldoc lib

perldoc -f CGI
perldoc -f CGI::Cookie
perldoc -f Template
perldoc -f HTML::Prototype
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To get a list of directories that will be searched, in order:
     perl -e 'print join("\n",@INC);'

But you don't usually need/want to look at the code for standard modules.  You would look at the documentation for them, which you can see with the code from ozo.  Or you can go to CPAN, and search by module name to get documentation, if you don't have it on your system.

CGI and CGI::Cookie are standard modules that ship with Perl 5.8.x There's a list of standard modules at  You'll find them in the Perl/lib directory.

Template and HTML::Prototype are not shipped with Perl, but are available on CPAN (see and  You'll find these istalled under the Perl directory, too -- either in Perl/lib or Perl/site/lib.

The module also ships standard with Perl, and is used to add places to @INC (the array that tells Perl where to look for modules and scripts) at compile time.

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