Keyboard Shortcut to Change Layer Color

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Is there a keyboard shortcut to change layer color?
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Retired marine engineer
I don't believe so Arqblat, but if nobody comes up with anything, here's how to create your own:

Here's the range of shortcutsfor version 7, I don't think much has changed:
Ctrl+Backspace will fill the layer with your background color
Alt+Backspace will fill the layer with your foreground color.

David B
Just curious, when you asked how to change a layer color, did you mean something other than filling a layer with a new color? I thought that my answer was correct.

David B



What I mean is a keyboard shortcut to change the highlight color of the layer in Layer View... You know how you can change the color from white to yellow, green, blue, purple, etc in order to help with grouping them
Thanks for the clarification. I should have asked more questions instead of making assumptions.

David B.

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