Domian controller not respond to UDP 389 query

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We have 3 MS 2003 domian controllers that are not authenticating users. When doing a port query to UDP 389 it fails. As of yet we have not been able to determine what is blocking port 389 for LDAP requests.

I have been working with MS on it but no luck with them yet.

The domain controllers have Exchange 2003 on them along with McAfee Virus Scan and Groupshield for Exchange (groupshield uses Java). We have stopped all McAfee services and still cannot query port 389. Port blocking in Virus Scan is also turned off.

Is there a way I can determine what service or process is using 389 or blocking it. MS wants me to disable all non MS services and reboot the server. I would think there is a better way to just find out what is using 389. We are a 24/7 operation so I'm hoping not to have to down the server like that.

Thank you very much
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Try using etheral and sniff the network to see what is happening on the port.
Can you determine if port 389 is actually open?
Turned out this was the ISA client installed on the DC that was causing UDP 389 not to respond to requests.

We had a previous issue with the ISA client and Microsoft had us install this specific version on the DC and now we find out that version is what caused this issue.

I had opened a case with MS about this and after multiple months of going through this they refunded our money after we found out what the issue was. They support the ISA client on a DC but could not resolve this issue and they just kept going back and forth saying it was supported and that is wasn't but they knew it was on the problem DCs the whole time we were troubleshooting it. Stopping the ISA client service does not resolve it, actually had to be removed and seemed to me the client replaces a file with a different version that causes this. We had to remove it and find a workaround for what it was being used for.

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