Off-line files from a lost domain are inaccessible

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Windows XP, Server 2000

I did some work for a customer who's Win2K server had a failed some months ago.  I supplied a new SBS 2003 server and joined all the PCs to the new domain as instructed.  I later discovered that one user had been accessing data through off-line files.  The server, domain and data now exist nowhere else and the user cannot sign onto the old domain.

I can see the off-line files
I have tried to access the off-line files but I get access denied.
I have tried taking ownership and resetting the permissions, still access denied.

Can anyone help me get this users data back - she'll love me forever?!??
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Are they located in the Offlin Files folder?

If so, try the CSCCmd.exe

Features and functions in version 1.1 of the Client-Side Caching ...

That will extract them from the c:\windows\csc to a safe location....


I'm getting an error.  
C:\>csccmd /EXTRACT:"\\\lynda$" /TARGET:c:\CSADMIN\Files
Unrecognized option "EXTRACT:\\\lynda$"
System error 87 has occurred.
The parameter is incorrect.

Do I have the qrong version?
Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) CSC Utility Version 1.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1991-2003. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: csccmd [/OPTIONS]

    /MOVESHARE:<\\server\share> <\\server\share>

The command completed successfully.

I also tried:
C:\>csccmd /moveshare:"\\\lynda$" \\*********\users
The command completed successfully.
Where ****** represents the new server name.

But there appears to be no results.

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No on the PC where the Offline files are located......

Make a directory called exfiles on the root of c. (for example purposesd really, just a preference....

at the command prompt....

csccmd /extract /target:c:\exfiles /recurse

And it should populate the exfiles directory....

and in hte event you wanted only "Offline modified" files....

csccmd /extract /target:c:\exfiles /recurse /onlymodified
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