Java Encryption with DES and Password

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I have a file that has been encrypted. Currently, my company uses the following command in UNIX to decrypt it. I have been asked to write a java program that does this. I have tried a bunch of different techniques but it doesn't seam to work.  

Here is the command I am trying to replace:
/usr/timesq/tsq/des-solaris -D -u -k "mypassword" encrypted_filename plain_filename

Any ideas?
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What is the problem?


Scratch the bit about the des-solaris program.

I have a file that is encyrpted by a client of ours. They have given us a key to unencrypt it. They said they used DES and a password ("boobear"). What is the java code I should write to unencrypt the file?
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If you have the command required then use Runtime.exec()

To decrypot DES see the example code here:

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