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I'm trying to find a file on a virtual directory.

Currently, it works with the root and actual directory path, using fileexsits.

fileExists = fso.FileExists("D:\wwwroot\prodftp\" & fileName)

I'd like to find the file using the virtual directory 'ftppub'.

??? fileExists = fso.FileExists("\\ftppub\" & fileName)
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\\ftppub\ is a UNC path.

fileExists = fso.FileExists(Server.MapPath("/ftppub")  & fileName)
Err, typo.  Should read:
fileExists = fso.FileExists(Server.MapPath("/ftppub")  & "\" & fileName)


sorry. the virtual path is prodftp not ftppub
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I tried this.. fileExists = fso.FileExists(Server.MapPath("/prodftp") & "\" & fileName)
it doesn't find the file

fileExists = fso.FileExists(Server.MapPath("/prodftp/" & filename))
Server.MapPath("/prodftp") works for me.

Try this to show the path on the screen:
Response.write Server.MapPath("/prodftp") & "\"  & fileName
Has this issue been resolved?

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