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I am on an AD 2003 domain as admin priveleges. There are other workgroups part of this domain but are not AD with clients attached to each Windows 2000 server that controls the workgroup.
How can I make administrator changes remotely onto the clients that are in the workgroups while a regular user is logged on from my client in the Windows 2003 AD domain?
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You can't.

Either set up AD on the workgroups Servers so that you can control them, or you will not have any easy ay to control the other servers or workstations in them.

You may be able to pay lots of money to look for a  third party solution, but workgroups should not be used in a corporate environment.

You might want to study up on AD, forrest/ tree configurations on the MS site.

I hope this helps !
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Open an IPC$ (or a share connection) to the remote machine, providing local admin credentials:
net use \\WorkgroupMachine\IPC$ * User:Administrator
will ask for the admin password. From then on, you should have limited capability to manage the remote client, for example with the compmgmt console; remote access to the registry should be possible, too.
Another possibility would be to create a local administrator on the workgroup machine with the same name and the same password as the domain user you're logged on with.

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