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Combining images with ringtones to play on cell phones

I’m looking to deliver content to cell phones via a new website. My plan is to combine images or simple flash animations combined with ringtones as a single product: picture and ringtone. Will cell phones generally recognize this combination and play image and sound together?

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It really depends on the file type.  Most cell phones are limited in the file types they can play for audio, and compressed files (such as .zip, .rar) would be useless on most cell phones
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Thanks for the response.

Let's assume that we use only audio file types that a cell phone can play. Would it be possible to link an audio file to an image file (also in an appropriate file format, not compressed), deliver it to a cell phone, and let the user assign it as one choice--rather than having him select an image as one action, and a ringtone as another?

Simple answer no.

If you have Flash 8 I will point you in the direction of Flashlite., this will allow you to create flash animations which will play on some phones which have flashlite enabled.

A zip package would not work as very few phones support this.

You could create a video with a still image or images to audio, 3gp would be the best format to use, will be supported by most new phones.
Just saw your reply.

You could create a symbian application or java application the user downloads this could then in theory set user profile settings.

Symbian and java are beyond me so how you would do this I have no idea, but in theory this method should work.
I appreciate your answer. Using 3pg files may be the best direction for the present.

Yes I do have Flash 8 (that is to say, I will in July). I followed the link you provided and further went to this URL: 
There, I read this:
"Flash Lite 2.x enables dynamic loading of multimedia content such as images, sound and video, based on supported codecs available on the device. This includes loading and handling XML data and SWF content. Flash Lite 2.x also provides video support and external multimedia support. This includes in place video as well as image loading (gif jpeg, png w/ transparency) and audio loading."

This suggests that sound can be included in the Flash Lite file. If a device is Flash Lite enabled (like some Verizon phones), will those phones support a flash animation together with audio? Or, are you saying that only the animation supported now?

One addtional related question: Can a Flash Animation (with or without audio) be converted to a 3gp file?

I guess I'm looking for you to say, "Simple answer no. More complicated answer yes."

I think you're on the right track with "Simple answer no. More complicated answer yes."

I have a phone capable of video, but not flash lite, so it wouldn't work on many phones
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