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I have a user that is brand new...she created a signature in Oulook (using Advanced Edit in Word) & it looks great when composing a new message.  However, when she goes to forward or reply to an email & has her signature on the bottom, it is right justified on the page.  If you highlight the signature text & picture, it shows that is is left justified, but what is freaky is, if you tell it to turn right justified, it fixes it & puts it on the left side.  

Any ideas?  Outlook 2003 on an Exchange server
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Hi - Try deleting and then recreating the signature and see if the same issue occurs.  


Yeah, I just did that a while ago...but, since you typed it out =)
Thanks for the points/grade.  I didn't even realize this question was a few weeks old...glad you got it to work.

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