Flash swf displays in Internet Explorer, IE but not Firefox

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I have a flash swf that displays in IE but not Firefox....anyone know why? The essential components are a flash <object> with a JS that initializes the flash on page load.
<object codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0"
                                                        height="100" width="500" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000">
                                                                    <param value="13229" name="_cx" />
                                                                    <param value="2646" name="_cy" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="FlashVars" />
                                                                    <param value="/portals/0/banner1.swf" name="Movie" />
                                                                    <param value="/portals/0/banner1.swf" name="Src" />
                                                                    <param value="Window" name="WMode" />
                                                                    <param value="-1" name="Play" />
                                                                    <param value="-1" name="Loop" />
                                                                    <param value="High" name="Quality" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="SAlign" />
                                                                    <param value="-1" name="Menu" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="Base" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="AllowScriptAccess" />
                                                                    <param value="ShowAll" name="Scale" />
                                                                    <param value="0" name="DeviceFont" />
                                                                    <param value="0" name="EmbedMovie" />
                                                                    <param value="FFFFFF" name="BGColor" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="SWRemote" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="MovieData" />
                                                                    <param value="1" name="SeamlessTabbing" />
                                                                    <param value="0" name="Profile" />
                                                                    <param value="" name="ProfileAddress" />
                                                                    <param value="0" name="ProfilePort" />
                                                                    <param value="all" name="AllowNetworking" />
                                                                    <SCRIPT src="/js/fixit.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>

The javascript looks like:

theObjects = document.getElementsByTagName("object");
for (var i = 0; i < theObjects.length; i++) {
theObjects[i].outerHTML = theObjects[i].outerHTML;
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Have you tried it with the SWFObject?
On your page:
<script type="text/javascript" src="Scripts/swfobject_source.js"></script>

<div id="flashcontent">
 Description of the Movie

<script type="text/javascript">
   var so = new SWFObject("flash/mymovie.swf", "mymovie", "600", "655", "6", "#336699");
   //so.addVariable("variable1", "wert1");
Get the script here: http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/swfobject.zip



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