How to Insert an image into FDF with PHP

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What´s the way to insert an image into FDF files dinamically....
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Maybe possible with the fdf extension in php. See


I´ve searched a lot trying get some info in how to insert images into fdf...the problem is all i´ve seen is related to data, but nothing deals with graphic objects...
It's been a while since I played around with putting images into FDF files... Here is what I remember: The image needs to be on a button (you cannot just put images into PDFs, only form elements, and a button gives you a mechanism to provide an image as a button face).
The image you put on a button comes from a PDF file - so you need to specify which file, and which page you want to use.

Here is some documentation of the fdf_set_ap PHP call that shows an example:

One more thing: You can need to disable the button so that the user cannot click on it. This way, the button looks just like an image.

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