10 computer workgroup, trouble browsing the network.

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Having problems in a 10 computer WinXP Pro SP2 environment.  Currently have all machines on and connected 2 that cannot connect to the main computer(server).  Also have 2 printers that are shared out on the network.  

Now the error message the 2 computers are getting is :
"Network resource unavailable, you may not have permission to access that resource...." bla bla bla.  Tried dropping down to a command prompt and doing a "net view" from both computers, comes back with error code 71.

In researching this, it looks as if the browser list on the workstations are not able to get updated.

I also noted on each computer that is having workgroup connectivity issues that they have computer browser errors (trouble in starting the service).

Now I went into the main computer (the server) and killed one of the sessions that had 2 connections to the server (not exactly sure why... but suspect files active and also printers?)

What I'm concerned about is the long term solution for the client is that they may run into this issue again and that I'll have to manually go back in and kill sessions to get other computers to come up on the workgroup.

As of now, the two computers can connect to shares on the server but still cannot execute a "net view" via the command prompt, they're still getting an error 71 code.
Thanks in advance.
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Can you check that the following services are set to Automatic, and are started on all your computers.

Computer Browser
Net Logon
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call
Error 71 is normally down to XP having a hard-coded limit of 10 concurrent connections.

Unfortunately - there is not much you can do about this.

The problem is that XP only allows 10 concurrent connections, and the two printers are counted in the connections.  As a result, 2 out of the 10 computers can't connect.  Either update to Windows Server and buy the appropriate CALs, or drop the printers.


You rock sir!! That fixed it!!  Seems like that fixed the browsing problem and the computers are talking again.

Thanks again!
Glad that I could help.

Thank you.

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