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I'm completely new to NDM.  My company is going to receive a file from an external file via NDM onto our mainframe.  Could somebody please explain the scheme of NDM vs. ftp to me?  What are the pieces and parts to NDM and how do they differ from ftp.  Any sample scripts would be appreciated.  
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I have only used NDM a couple of times 15 years ago when for a test.  Functionally NDM is the same as FTP.

Some differences (based on bad memory):

     NDM supports checkpoint restart.
     NDM can do automatic retry of a failed/interrupted transfer.
     NDM has it own queue handler.  You add a request to a queue and it will handle starting the transmissions.
     NDM can have 1 or more "transfer handlers".  These transfer handlers can support transfers that are intiated from your side or from the other site.  
     NDM can support SNA and TCP/IP network connections.
     NDM can do dynamic data compression during the file transfer (IIRC).

I don't have scripts.  IIRC you just pass parameters to NDM.
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Oh.  NDM also guarantees file integrity.

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