Auto Delete deleted items and disable junk email

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Exchange 2003 / Windows 2003 A/D
I want to automatically have deleted items older than 30 days for all Exchange users.
I also want to disable the Junk email option in Outlook 2003.
How can I accomplish this from server level?
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check this for Mailbox management to delete 30 days old mails:
check this , through Group Policy you can disable the use of Junk Email in Outlook 2003 for all users:

group policy in AD.

edit your existing policy affecting the users in question. go to user configuration, administrative templates. load the office 2007 template from the 2007 office resource toolkit (you can download this from microsoft if you dont have the office tools on cd) make sure you load both the office file as well as the outlook file which is separate.

you now have group policies to control all the controls in outlook itself.  Simply find the options that exist in outlook 2007 for scheduling auto delete of email and the junkmail filter and set them as you want. the client computers will be forced to these settings when their group policy refreshes (about every 15 minutes, or on a reboot). options you enforce, they cannot change.  Leave anything you want them to control set at "not configured"


You didn't give a URL on your second posting.

This is outlook 2003/ Exch 2003

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