Opening files in an ftp folder in monodevelop

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Hi, I'm an ubuntu newbie, but i've installed mono and monodevelop and i'm starting to try to switch over from visual studio to monodevelop. I'm having a problem opening files from a mounted ftp drive that i created on my desktop by clicking on 'places' and 'connect to server'. I type in the username/password url, and port 21 and everything works just fine. The problem is when i open monodevelop, i can't seem to find those mounted drives to open the files. Can anyone help?
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I highly suggest not accessing file directly on a ftp, even if you can.
Note that nautilus's 'mounting' of ftp, ssh, etc. is not a true mount, it just makes a shortcut for you and remembers the password for the session, when you open it, it just shows you the familiar interface at
I would create a local copy of the site, download it all, change it, then upload it with all changes.  

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