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I am using Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2005.  I have created a report, but I need some help with the formatting.  I know I have done this in Crystal 8, but I cannot figure out how to in Crystal 10 VS.  

The report is a phone list, 3 small columns of info, Last Name, First Name, Extension.   These take up about 1/4 of the left of the page and run on for 4 pages.  All of the info would fit to one page and that is what I am trying to do.  I want 4 sets of the three info columns on one page.  How do I get the columns to repeat on the same page, rather than print to a new page?

Any help anyone could offer would be appreciated.  I am trying to get this project closed as quickly as possible, so speedy replies are much appreciated! :)
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>Go to report->Section Expert
>Select the details on the left side
>Check the check box for  'Format with  multiple columns on the right side'
>Click on the layout tab on the top and type in the values there based on your requirement



Thank you, thank you , thank you & thank you!!!

This worked perfectly!  I didn't even see the layout tab!

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