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I am trying to setup a redhat 4 server (looks like no updates) that is a nis client. This server is connected over a vpn link and can bind to our nis server. When I do a service autofs reload I get the error "automount not running". If I do a service autofs status, I get this:

Configured Mount Points:

Active Mount Points:

If I do a service autofs restart, this is returned:

Stopping automount:                                        [  OK  ]
Starting automount:No Mountpoints Defined

Everything seems to be configured the same as all of our other working servers. Why can't this server get the nis maps so autofs stops bitching. This server has no redhat entitlements, so doing an up2date to isn't an option. I did install yum and apt, but I am having issues finding a working repository.

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OK, I found one of the causes. In /etc/ypserv.conf, the remote network was not defined. Once I added it and restarted the ypserver, I could finally do a ypcat passwd from the remote server and have a dump like it should.

The automounter seems to work, up to a point. It will create the top level directory, in this example named /directmnt. However, none of the lower level directories are accessible. The logs only same "unable to mount /directmnt/project" when I try to cd to /directmnt/project. Blah, it should work.

Anyone have advice on how to configure a remote server to use nis. perhaps I am missing something else obvious again just like above.

do you have these shares specified in fstab?

What's the content of your /etc/auto.master file?

Why do you need to use autofs for NFS shares if you could just mount them from fstab directly?


wow, this is an old question that I have solved myself. Please refund my points.

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