Flex and Maya 3D

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this is the website i want you to refer to:

how to make this?
how can i export Maya 3D so that I am able to control using flex?
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I think you should at least get one answer.

To build such an application is not a easy task. It demands alot of programming, and is not as easy as just checking "Export for Flash". I don't believe that you think it's that easy, so please don't think I'm mocking you.

I'm just saying that it will probably be very difficult to get a good answer here.

However, good luck! If you should find out how to get it working, please write a article here so that all that are interesting can read it :) I - for one - will be very interested!

In order for you to export 3-D models from Maya to Adobe Flash, you will need a plugin.  A product that I know and use that has a plugin for Maya is Swift 3D, (http://www.swift3d.com/).


hi Pepsi Cola:
i saw the swift3D.com
but there's no control upon the object.

what i want it to create a virtual city, and then you can used mouse to control where you want to go within the 3D world

do you have any solution
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Hmm, I'm sorry to say - but that is a complex application, and you'll need some years to create that. If you really need it, perhaps you should hire someone?
To control your actions within 3D world you need Adobe Director, Flash's elder brother - not Swift 3D. Director has interactive 3D features. Although its 3D looks not as pleasant as Swift's results.

The demo you've mentioned was made entirely in Flash, with heavy use of hard-coded math 3D transformations. At this moment there's no easy way to make such things in Flash.


To Blasted One
thanks for your help
is there any guidance or tutorial regarding this topic?

This link might be able to help you out. Check it out, it's one of the better 3D-engines for Flash...
for this sort of things you better write an opengl- or directx-application in c++

>> create a virtual city

what size are we talking about? 2 streets, 10?  or a real big city, like 1000-10000 streets?
>>  http://dev.getoutsmart.com/os3d/demos/videoroom/

this demo you refered to is hardly comparable with a city. there are just some triangles behind. if you want to do that, that will work.
but if you want to have a real city with 100.000's of triangles or more and a huge amount of textures, then it wont work like this ..

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