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I've been asked to set up a website so we can control access to the product info and other info such as archived reports and videos etc..  When we setup a user we would use their email address as the login-name and create a password for that user enter an expiration date and probably check marks for optional features (see other info below)
We want to track what pages they accessed, their login name, date/time, and IP and be able to run a weekly or monthly report. At this point we visualize the report to be downloadable to excel. The report would list login name, date, time, pages accessed, IP address and some info about where that IP address is located.
Is there a way to track what pages they access on a site we forward them to as some of the info is kept on someone else's server. I understand that that server has reporting ability but it would be nice to do it  all on one report.
This is a new project and the hosting server can support pretty much whatever we ask for.

I am looking for comments to help me define the scope of the project and suggestions as to where to look for someone to do the programming for the database/reporting end of it.

Comments/suggestions appreciated

Similar question was earlier posted then marked abandoned as it took me too long to get back with details


We are going to be setting up a small website of about 6 pages that we want to be customizable by each user. There would be a base site that was updated regularly to keep it fresh and relavant. The banner would be customized with their logo, and phone number. The `about us' page would be unique for each user and the contact us info would be unique. There would be a `schedule' page that they could revise with what events they have scheduled. I was considering using domain forwarding so that www.johnhenry.come was forwarded to to deliver up unique content for John Henry. If we password access to how do we handle it so John Henry could put on his business card and the public would get the `customized' content without having the password issue.
Should this be a separate site. If so we'd like John Henry to be able to edit his subsite from when he logs in (if he has signed up for that feature).
This is a lot of info and I've probably missed something so ask away

TIA for your assistance.
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sounds like you basically want an asp/php content management system (CMS) with some sort of logging feature enabled.

Although its not normally advisable through EE - I can advise/help with/build such systems (including your domain forwarding etc) if you do want to contact me about it.

You will need some sort of database and server side scripting (I normally use PHP and mySQL, although ASP and mssql would work just as well)

Your domain forwarding is an easy issue if your using an apache server - you can password protect certain directories but leave other directories (and sub directories) open, to allow open while not allowing other users access to I have never tried this on an IIS server, although it has access control that should work similarly (if not PHP or ASP scripting would provide the required functionality).


I posted this on and have several bids
If interested look it up there

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