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I'm getting a subscript out of range error with ASPSmartUpload.  This has been working fine for a long time and we just recently migrated over to a new server running iis 6.0 and win 2003.  We made sure the component (dll) for aspsmartupload was registered.

we have a form that sends the calls a page where the aspsmartupload is executed:

<FORM name=frmNew METHOD="POST" ACTION="catalog_add_submit.asp" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">

the error is thrown when the catalog_add_submit.asp is executed:

Dim mySmartUpload
      Dim file
      Dim intCount
      ' Object creation
      ' ***************
      Set mySmartUpload = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartUpload.SmartUpload")
      mySmartUpload.MaxFileSize = 50000000
      ' Upload
      ' ******
      mySmartUpload.Upload  'this is the line the error is thrown

Here is the error:

aspSmartUpload error '800a0009'

Subscript out of range

/resource_center/admin/catalog_add_submit.asp, line 36

Any help is appreciated.

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From an archive of their FAQ (before making any modifications visit their website for current FAQ list):

IIS6.0 prevent the upload of large files (+200K)

For IIS6.0 users, the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed property specifies the maximum number of bytes allowed in the entity body of an ASP request. If a Content-Length header is present and specifies an amount of data greater than the value of AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed, IIS returns a 403 error response. This property is related in function to MaxRequestEntityAllowed, but is specific to ASP request. Whereas you might set the MaxRequestEntityAllowed property to 1 MB at the general World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) level, you may choose to set AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed to a lower value, if you know that your specific ASP applications handle a smaller amount of data.

Open your MetaBase.XML which is located in c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv find the line "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" and change it to "1073741824".

This change does not require stopping IIS, but to make the Metabase.xml file write-able, you need to go to the IIS control panel, right click the server, select properties, and check off the box that says "allow changes to MetaBase configuration while IIS is running".
Usually this error is thrown when you attempt to call aspsmartupload directly instead of from a form posting, but you appear to be correctly posting from a form.

Given that the smart line is apparently no longer supported you might want to consider moving to any one of the current ASP upload components out there:
-Dman100-Software Consultant


Hi ddrudik,

Thanks for replying to my post.  Modifying the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed filxed the problem.  Thanks for your help.  I appreciate it.

Thanks for the question and the points.

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