Lotus Application Search - Not returning results of 1 specific field.

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When my user search my database they are not getting results based on the content of one specific field. For example I have a field that generates a document ID for each new record.  The field is of type number and EDITABLE.  The database index has been deleted and rebuilt. When the users tries to search for record number 650 for example Notes only return back records that have 650 somewhere else in the document but never the record with the 650 ID number.  I can also look at the properties of each record in a view and look at the contents of each field.  I can see that the field in question actually contains the number 650 which confirms the field is being stored and not just generated.
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Is it a number or a text field ?
Lotus may not search Number fields properly.
Also is the field hissden or protected in any way ( so that it can not be edited, once defined ) ?

I hope this helps !

= 100
instead of
In the search query


If I do a basic search not a field based search "= 100" or "=100" both return an error message "query is not understandable".

As for making it a text field I changed the field from number to text.  Then I made a change to an existing record so that the field properties would be updated in that one record at least.  The search still did not return correctly.
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Changing the field in the form does not change the field in the Document..  So if you have a document that has 100 in it that value will remain a number untill the document is saved again or untill the document is refreshed (which basically saves it again)

if you make a change to the field, it takes time before it comes up in the search as it has to be indexed. Can you try [fieldname] = 100 and see whether it brings that up

as far as i know, if you type in =100, its going to search wehre the document contains "=100" not just 100



Okay we are getting closer searching by the field name works fine. Also after changing the form so the field would be text, saving a new record then updating the index, I was able search and return results based on the record number.  So the key seems to be the field needs to be of type text. Thank you sysexpert and behenderson.  Final question on this topic what is the best way to update the field type of all my records.  In the past I would have written a action button.  I know how to change the content of the field using the simple "Modify Field" action but not how to change the field type.  I am not an expert Domino application programmer but I can point and click my way through Designer.
I would change the field type to Text, and write a macro which says:

Field <Fieldname>:=@text(<fieldname>)


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