OWA authentication error

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Hello and thank you for reading this post, more importantly thanks in advance if you have the answer.

Recently our 2003 SBS server ran out of space on C and dumped the CALS. I've entered them back in and managed to get 2.5 gig of space freed up. Since then OWA will not authenticate inside or outside of the network. We can go to: https://[servername]/exchange - no problem. Once we enter the user name and password, doesn't matter who, we get a page cannot be found.... with this address in the address bar: https://[servername]/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll (inside the network) and
 https://mail.[domainname].com/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll (outside the network)

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Consider re-running the connect to internet and email wizard to reset some related items which may resolve the problem.

Addiotnally posting any errors in the event log may help pin point the issue,

Can you reinstall OWA?  Or even just reinstall the (SBS) exchange service pack?

You might also take a look at these:

What's in your server event logs?
It's worth looking at your ISA configuration - it may well be contributing to the problem.  Is it still configured to support OWA via template?


I ran the internet and email connection wizzard and the users still can't access email via OWA.  

thanks, Kevin
Is ISA enabled on the server?  Do you need it?  You might try an experiment and disable ISA just to test... assuming it isn't the firewall for your whole company.

It wasn't the wizard I was suggesting - it was actually reinstalling the SBS service pack...

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