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How many users can I scale out my existing Citrix Implementation Too. I am using Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Standard.  Right now I'm running two applications SalesLogix and Macola Progression Series 7.6.300spC with 30 users. I'm looking to double that to atleast 65 users potentially. I'm thinking about using Citrix to deliver more such as Office and toning down the expeditures of more expensive hardware for PC's average between $1200 - $1600 based on the type of demands (i.e. Engineering "Advanced High End User", Marketing "Power User Middle", Order Entry "User (Low End). I think I can offset costs to systems under $1000 dollars and use Citrix to deliver and power the applications I need to power.

Right now I'm running Citrix with the following Specs:
HP-Compaq Proliant ML350 Series G4 Rack Mount Server,
2MB Cache 3.4GHZ (single processor)
6 Hot Plug Drives,
128MB BBWC Enabler for Smart Array 641
Redudant Power & Fans
-2 72GB 10k U320 Hot Plug Drives

Presentation Server 4.0 Standard however I'm on maintainence so I can move to 4.5
The Citrix Server was purchased one year ago 4-2006.
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Hi, I think so you need to make a test lab to take metrics of you app compsumtion. All the papers in internet are orientative, like this or like those mentioned by rama_krishna580 but what you really you need it is to measure your applications with performance monitor by example, and with that you really can make a corect decision about the hardware to use, and the version of Citrix Presentation Server you need to cover your requirements.
By experience I would put more smaller servers, but more of them (DL360 or similar). But it depends of your applications.
Good Luck


It seams like there are alot of factors to consider when looking at options like this. From the executive 20,000 foot view (forgetting the infrastructure) I am looking to address some of the issues

1) Can i reduce the expediture and dependance on more expensive computers for computers that are less expensive.? What is a decent lifecycle for PC replacement running in a citrix shop, is it longer than running without Citrix?
2) What are the benefits to using Citrix in the enterprise and does it work to fit the needs of a thin-client model?
3) Do you have an idea of what the costs would be to implement such as enviroment (estimates) for 65 users in two offices, running Office 2003 or 2007, SalesLogix and Macola?

Note: Currently my environment is setup for 30 users  running two applications fairly well with a copy of Outlook or Excel placed on there for one or two users. My needs are covered for SalesLogix and Macola but mainly for Office I would need to purchase Software Assurance or Volume Licensing. I think costs could be $25,000 dollars (2 server environment) and I think a realized number of $70,000 roughly to replace all the PCs, based on low cost PCs with no warranty for our production plant (where PCs can be swapped with units that are repaired and returned to us) and decent PC models with warranties for another office our HQ.

4) can i offset the cost of buying a new computer to a cost that has more substanical value for the organization?

Your input is appreciated and my thanks for all the information posted so far to review. The information links looks like items that I would need to review when building the right infrastructure.

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