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Windows 2003 Small Business Edition.

We have a network of two servers one is running windows 2003 x64 bit, and the other is running windows x32 bit, now i tried to install windows 2003 server for small business edition but to continue the full installation it needs its own domain which i dont want it, because on this server i am planning to deploy MS CRM for small business edition, and afterwards to integrate it with exchange 2007, so is there a way to make it a member of current domain rather then assigning a new domain.
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SBS must be the member server and must also hold the fsmo roles. if you run it up connected to a switch and give it the same domain name, then join the other servers to it.
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So whats the best way of sorting this problem out.
Jay is right, (sorry about the typo in mine the first line should have said "must be the DC server, SBS cannot be a member server) listen to Jay (he is king Dingaling, when it comes to server2003 ;) The only way to do this and have the same domain name is to trash the old domain and recreate it with the same name on SBS. Which is what i was trying to say in my first post.

Yup - your going to have to complete a migration if you want to use SBS or rebuild your domain....depending on size and how much you want to spend on it, i would probably go a rebuild.....Though Jeff is the master of SBS, i dont work with it anymore.

Cheers lads
Completely redo your domain with the SBS server. If you have to use SBS.
otherwise you could do it using a 2003 Server standard, then put exchange on it, and your CRM. This could be done on the existing domain.

How many users?
Because CRM Small Business server would only install on MS SBS, and as i said it needs to be integrated to current exchange server 2007, so it has to be on the same domain, or is there a way of assigning a new domain(i.e domain2) but using the exchange server domian (i.e. domain1) to use with the CRM. Means i will install SBS without out exchange and later own somehow point it to exchange server which is in domain 1.
so you allready have exchange on the current server?
How many users?
you have the wrong product for what you are trying to do. I dont know a way of easily merging CRM with exchange in another domain....maybe down the road of RPC/HTTP you could get your exchange side of things up but i am not certain....Jeff will know....
i have 80 users right now.
i have exchange 2007 installed on server 2003 x64 bit edition.
Well you want to stay away from SBS it is limited to 75.
You will need to go with another 2003 server and CRM standard
You mean install CRM on x32 Server... hmm ok..i guess we have to purchase different CRM, right now we have CRM SBS.
X32, X64, Whatever, just not SBS. Sorry you are not going to be able to use your existing CRM SBS, for your existing network.
Not what you wanted to hear but thats it. :(
aahh.....thats bad..definetly not what i wanted to do and hear..
often gets people like that :)
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Thanks andrew for the info appreciate that, is there a link on which i can see different versions of MS CRM, like in a table.
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Just to clarify -

You CAN install SBS into an existing domain - you have to make it the boss immediately after installation (The FSMO master DC), but you can do it.  The problem here is exactly what others have pointed out later on - there is a 75 user limit to SBS and you're already over.
Ok, but as i have read so far everyone suggested that it cannot be added to a domain, what you said i tried it like when SBS for the first time i added it to the current domain but when i tried to continue with the rest of the installation process it asked me to remove it from the current domain or else it gave me a message that i cannot continue with the rest of the setup.
What, so you don't believe me?

Fine - believe Microsoft -

My point was that you CAN install it in an existing domain - but SBS is simply not appropriate for you because you have too many users already - just as the others have said.
arguing over technicalities, regardless of whether you can or not it still WONT work.
Your numbers are too big.
sorry no i dont have a link for crm in a table you will have to compare them manually, or find a web site that does. Thats what google and search engines are for.