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Brightstor 11.5 Alerts have suddenly stopped

Hi, we have Brightstor 11.5 on all servers, which run Windows server 2003 and Exchange 2003, however the  Alerts have suddenly stopped, nothing for any of my 12 servers (all in different sites) last night.  I did apply SP2 and Windows patches to some of these servers over the weekend, and the alerts worked on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not last night.  The only difference is that last night's backup was the Month End, but its all part of the "5 day weekly full with GFS enabled".

Also, I use a domain with a primary and secondary server in BAB, I have a few very old decommissioned servers still listed, how do I get rid of them?

Any ideas?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Easy answer first.
To remove old servers from being listed go into the registry
hkey local mach/ software/ software/computer associates/brightstor arcserve backup/discovery table
and they will be listed under there. You can delete the ones you want or the whole thing. The Discovery service maintains it and will rebuild the list.

For the Alerts,
check the job configuration to make sure it is still setup
ck activity log for errors on it
ck firewalls/switches to see if alert traffic is being filtered out
ck alert activity log program files\ca\shared components\alert
ck alert service and arcserve message engine service to make sure they are still running
from the alert manager try sending test alerts
try different kinds of alerts to see if it is a problem with that specific type of alert instead of alert in general

I will attempt the registry suggestion for old servers, does this need to be done on all BAB servers where the decom'd servers are showing, or only on the primary and secondary servers in the domain?

However, for the alerts, nothing has changed on any of our devices, i.e. switches, firewalls, etc.  It all went wrong or stopped last nigth, for the three of us getting these alert (we are on 2 different exchange servers) and the backup alerts are coming from 14 different servers across 8 different sites.  We aren't getting the tests from Alert SMTP.

The job config is still set.  Again, 14 different servers across 8 sites, all stopped last night!

Sorry, but what do you mean about checking different kinds of alerts, how do I do this?


The Discovery Service is installed with every installation and each Discovery Service maintains its own server list so it would be done on any server showing the removed systems.

The Alert Manager can send out a number of different kinds of alerts, such as e-mail, broadcast, print, etc.

But from what is being described that all the servers stopped sending them at the same time, it seems less likely it is related to the ARCserve installation and more likely it is related to some common point. Is there some commonality? Such as a single server the alerts must go through to get to the two different Exchange Servers, or perhaps there is a common use for each of the ARCserve installs?
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There isn't anything common, eacc server uses a different exchange server to send to mailboxes on different Exchange servers.  However, The alerts do go to a single mail address which is a DL for 4 accounts.  But I have tested this DL and it definately works.

Hi again.

On one of my servers, I have gone in the registry, "Discovery Service" but it only lists the current servers.  I need to be able to remove old dead servers (that will never be turned on again) that are still in the domain list.

And I still can't get the ALerts working, I've tried different addresses on different servers, but they are all still off.


Check under here for those old servers.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ComputerAssociates/BrightStor ARCserve Backup/Base/ASMgr/ServerAddIn

Maybe I just don't understand but that single mail address which is a DL a common point to all 14 servers?
It is just that it seems so very unlikely that 14 different installs of ARCserve will all of a sudden stop sending Alerts when nothing has changed. As a test try sending an alert to some other account rather than that one which is a DL.
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For the Alerts, it was Virus Scan bloking for 25 and mass mailing.  McAfee has updated the engine which bloked the port, we had to stop the servers inheriting the policy in EPO.

Still cannot remove old servers in Brightstor, when I edit the reg on the current servers, the old servers aren't listed at all.  Any other ideas?

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