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Terminal Server RDP local resources

We are running Windows 2003 R2 Terminal Server.

All printers in the company are installed with correct drivers via IP (creating ports in windows on TS, etc) - this is the best course of action because I can setup the printers the way I want and they will display on on everyone that logs in (with those settings). ALL WORK FINE to these printers if selected by user...

When anyone logs on it creates a session to the local printers of the client also. It also pulls the default printer across on a sessions - annoying!

 I have possibly 100 people logged in and thats a lot of printers showing on everyones 'printers and faxes'. Huge confusion!!


I have tried creating a Remote Desktop Icon for everyone turning off the local resource for printers, can i turn this off without manually changing everyones, i.e. via GP? or setting on TS not allowing it?

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8/22/2022 - Mon

Have you made sure that tha LOCAL printers on these people's machines are NOT
be shared out?? I believe by default when a printer is attached to a local machine it
is autmatically ready to be shared with any other machine in the same Workgroup or

Try going to a workstation that has a local printer and go into printers & faxes and hit
the properties on that printer.. I bet it will be displayed as shared, even though nobody
actually set it to be shared.. Just an idea.

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Remote Desktop has nothing to do with the question if a printer is shared on the client or not. TS has the ability to use devices (like printers faxes or usb devices) from a connecting client and making them available within the terminal server session. One of the problems is that it doesn't remove the printers afterwards...


Mshine - when i say local i dont mean the printer is attached locally (sorry). It is a shared printer running on a File server. This same printer is installed on the terminal server as a share. so when the user logs on its creating a copy of the printer (session from <Client name>) - i have solved this as stated in the post, what im trying to do is roll this setting out to everybody when they launch RDP sessions.

RightNL - right on! Points for you
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