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ArcSDE with Oracle

We are facing some problem while installing Arc SDE 9.1 Oracle 64bit edition (OS: Windows 2003 server 64bit enterprise edition)

Arc SDE for oracle 10g is installed and created the table space and schema in the oracle when oracle client 32 bit was installed in the server having windows 2003 server 64 bit and oracle 64 bit.

But when I start the service, it is giving the following error:
Unable to start iomgr.

The log file shows the following error:

ArcSDE 9.1 Oracle10g  Build 392 Thu Nov  2 15:42:12 PST 2006


DB_open_instance()::db_connect (OCI8) error: 12560

init_DB DB_instance_open_as_dba: -51

DBMS error code: 12560

ORA-12560: TNS: Fehler bei Protokolladapter

All the tns names are given correct and we can connect to the oracle database through both the 32 bit oracle client and 64 bit client in the same system.

Oracle Database

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8/22/2022 - Mon

It seems your tns entry is not correct. - that is oracle doesnt know how to contact / resolve the data source.

Is the ArcSDE on the same box as the oracle server? Can you connect using sqlplus to the same SID as what ArcSDE is trying to connect?

Also check if your ORACLE_SID env variable is set correctly.

If connecting to a remote oracle database, then check if your tnsnames entry is correct - you can use
tnsping <sid>
in a cmd to check.

Or else what I do is to generate the tns entry using a tool like Oracle sqldeveloper and just stick the (long) tns url entry where ever I specify the connection parameters.

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