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App to replace text in ASP pages.

I'm changing my mail server location, and was wondering if anyone can recommend a small app to replace all instances of the old mail server name with the new mail server name.

There is dozens of ASP pages using JMail scripts with my old server name, and I need to change it.

Google gave me lots of results, but I'll take the recommended word of you guys over searching for random scripts/apps anyday.  Thanks.
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A quick example I can give you is the following.  Download for free,

Visual Web Developer

In side this, there is a function called Replace In Files.
OR, choose a programming language, then this would be a good project for you to create a small app which will do this as a learning curve.  If you are interested in doing that ofcourse. If that is not acceptable, Visual Web Developer is part of the express editons microsoft has released, with the parent IDE being Visual Studio 2005 ...
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I recently picked up a book on ASP.NET I think it has Visual Studio with it.

I'd like to just write a VB script, but on a live server it's just not wise.
Did this solve you problem?

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I found "Actual Search and Replace" software, from
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