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Linux Newbie question

I just got Fedora 7 installed, and I am looking to install the new NVIDIA driver for my 8800 GTS card.

However, I have tried (following instructions..) to do this in the Terminal Console, but it tells me I need to exit the X server.

How can I do this?

The boot loader is Grub, is there something that I can edit to boot to console instead of starting the X Server at boot time?
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You don't have to edit grub. Boot up as normal and hit ctrl-alt-F1 when you are at the GUI login prompt. It should bring you to a console login and allow you to do what you want. ctrl-alt-F7 will bring you back to the GUI login prompt.
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ok.  Now when trying to install the driver, it still errors out telling me I am running X Server.
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nevermind, I figured it out.  I had to append the # 3 to the end of the boot arguments and that got me into the console on on to other problems....

Thank you anyways
Additional info if the author re-reads this.  From a command line when in gui mode, you can quit X by issuing the command 'init 3' without quotes, this will shut down runlevel 5 (the gui level) and drop you to a command prompt.

You can also use:

init 2 - single user mode with no networking
init 3 - shell mode with networking
init 5 - gui mode with networking

Also, if you need to restart X when its running, just press CTRL - ALT - BACKSPACE, this is a halfway equivelant to ctl alt delete.
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thanks kb