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Can I make 2 NICs ONE single virtual NIC?

I do have 2 NICs in my server.
Is there a way to give the server a virtual single ip so that all network traffic uses both NICs?

My idea is that I can do that by NLB (network load balance) but I have no idea how to do it and if it is actually the right way as the NLB is intended for clustered servers.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

What type of hardware the servers and the NICs?

2 Intel Pro/1000EB on an ASUS DSBF-D motherboard (Dual Xeon with Dual Core, 3GHz ea)

What are you using it for?
Hosting a web site (NLB),
Speed (teaming),
Redundancy (switch/NIC fault tolerant).
This is a guide on how to setup NLB:
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I already read an msn article on NLB and clustering before I posted my question.
Thats why I mentioned NLB in the question.

That article didn't help but I read the suggested article http://www.awprofessional.com/articles/article.asp?p=102021&rl=1
to look for more information.

It didn't help either.

The Problem I see so far with NLB/Clustering:
First of all I will not really cluster 2 PCs, I just want to double bandwidth by a 2nd NIC. But I guess I could neglect that I haven't a 2nd PC.
A point of more concern: In my understanding I have to use a name targetting the double NIC PC instead of an ip. The PC has several names: several web sites, 1 nameserver name (ns2) an internal name (development).
That is why I asked for ONE ip (mapped to 2 MACs?).

PC usage intention: I would say general pupose (several Web Sites, development (Teaming), archive, Oracle database, ...

I found on Intel the 100vteam package.
Maybe that helps I have to evaluate it.
So far: The readme's say it is for 100 but mentioned 1000 cards, so I assume that it work with the latest 1000 drivers.

But nothing is said how the ALB (guess that what I want to use) works. In the readmes a file TEAMING.TXT is mentioned which is not included.

I am working here on our developer live server and won't like to experiment a lot. The server is working fine but we hope to get some improved thruput by a 2nd NIC while compiling, which creates the peaks in network traffic.

65td could you give me a few word how ALB works and how it is setup? A link where I could find more would be fine.

The Intel docs helped!

I got it to work with my DSBF-D.

Not with another boar (TRL-DLS). I have toc check why.