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Cant find correct Citrix Farm

Citrix PS 4.0, Windows 2003 Server Standard, SQL 2000 on seperate Windows 2003
I took over a network with a server farm with 3 servers.
this is a copy of the mf20.dsn file on the 3 servers. The WSID= parameter points to the correct server name on each of the servers mf20.dsn file.

APP=Citrix IMA

HKLM\Software\Citrix\IMA\datasource key also points to this dsn
HKLM\Software\Citrix\IMA\databasedriver is ImaSQL.dll

When I installed a new server Citrix server and point it to the the SQL server it joins another farm that no longer exists. If I point the new server to one of the existing servers instead of the SQL database it finds the current farm.
When I point to the SQL server I have to use FS1 for the server name not FS1\CITRIX_METAFRAME as referenced in the mf20.dsn file.
All 3 of the existing servers were cloned at one time.
Have run chfarm with the same results.
Any Ideas on where the current farm info is comming from?
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BLipman you were correct. I discovered the answer before you posted but I am giving you the points because you nailed it. Is it normal to have a CTXDS database in the default instance as well as the CITRIX_METAFRAME instance? When I check the database for connections to the Citrix servers I only see one Citrix server showing up other then the 2 new ones I have added so I will go ahead and run the DSMAINT on each server that is not showing up. Thanks again.
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By the way I restarted the Citrix_Metaframe Instance and was able to connect to the correct database.
No, it is not typical to see this.  I am guessing someone pointed one server to the wrong instance when it was installed and that created 2 separate ones.  Glad you got it figured out!