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How to use 'usermod' command to add user's login directory

hi, everybody:
    When I created a new user account with useradd command, I found the user directory was not created, because I didn't use any options in the useradd command. Now, I want to add the new user's login directory with 'usermod' command. But it doesn't work, look:

   sudo usermod -d /home/newuser newuser
   sudo usermod -d -m /home/newuser newuser
   The commands above don't work, The directory wasn't created. How should I do?
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    Thank you very much! And do you mean that the 'usermod' doesn't complete the tasks you said above? I want to know if 'usermod' can do it.
Very odd.. I would have expected both of those commands to work!

What version of Linux is it ? Ubuntu ? Redhat? Debian ?
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I use Ubuntu.

I thought the 'usermod -d -m' command should create the user's login directory and environment. I just don't understand this.
Does /home exist already ? ie. are you trying to create 2 levels of directories ?

You are entirely correct, that should work EXACTLY like that