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Seeking Virtual PC 2007 VHD file with Linux already installed

I've been running around in circles trying to get Linux installed on Virtual PC 2007.

Then I thought "hey, if the Linux folks really want to get wide adoption, and if it *is* possible to install Linux on VPC, you'd think they'd put up a copy of the .vhd for that.

That's make "installing" linux safe, painless and basically two steps.

So... anyone know of a .vdh for Linux for vpc?

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8/22/2022 - Mon

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Yes, I'm aware of the VMware solution. I already use Virtual PC so looking for an option for VPC.


So, since you don't have that option with VPC change to vmware, it's better than VPC anyway...
Lee W, MVP

You do realize that you can use USB devices in VMWare and you can't in Virtual PC.  Not to mention VPC doesn't have a Tools for Linux whereas VMWare does.

That said, why don't you use both - it's not like they cost you anything... they are both FREE.

Not to mention, VMWare can open most VPC Virtual Machine Hard Drives

Finally, why not INSTALL Linux on a VPC?  I can't really speak for the new version (2007), but I've installed Linux several times on VPC without issue (well, the install process can take HOURS, but after that it runs fine).
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

I did not realize that the VM player would "run" VPC files.  Does the Snapshot (I think it's called) feature work in the free VM Player?  

I tried installing linux on vpc and it kept formatting the HD then saying "disk not ready" and formatting again.  This was with Knoppix 5.0

Lee W, MVP

Why do you want to use VMPlayer - Use VMware Server - it's free.

Haven't tried Knoppix 5 and VPC - installed Debian without a problem though (and as I said, I've not tried it on VPC2007 - just the last version, 2004.

I've always been a guy who uses the best solution - no matter who its written by. I don't subscribe by default to the Microsoft hater's club. However....

Microsoft sell 2 good products: SQL Server, and Exchange.

Most other products they sell are garbage hack-jobs. VPC is top of the list in this category. VMware have many years of experience in what they do, and years behind is exactly what VPC is. Grab VMware server, it's one of the best pieces of free software around today.
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Turning this question into a discussion on which is the better of VMware or VPC probably was not the intention of the Author.  Can anyone actually provide the Author with a viable solution?

He wants a virtual Hard Disk with a linux Distro pre-installed.  Does anyone know where one can be obtained?  I am sure the Author would be willing to use either VMWare or VPC since both are freely available.

This question should not have been "closed" since no-one addressed the actual question asked "Does anyone offer Linux VHD _files". It was simply hijacked as an opportunity for some anti-Microsoft point-scoring. And yes, VMWare is better than VPC but that's hardly the point.

As a consultant I sometimes get asked questions by customers about systems that neither I nor the questioner have control over. It isn't always possible to assume that people have full control over the systems that they sometimes have to work on. In this case posters were more interested in criticising the poster's choices than providing relevant information.