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upgrade exchange 5.5 to exchange 2000 and move to new domain.

I have an NT4 domain with multiple W2K servers. On one of these servers i have exchange 5.5 SP4. I am building a NEW W2K domain and i want to move to exchange 2000.  How can i upgrade my server to the newer exchange product and then move to the new domain?
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We usually move exchange to a new server, and just move the mailboxes through the Manager.  My upgrade experience is:   Upgraded 1 and it failed,  Restored, and put exchange on another box, then migrated, and decommissioned old exchange,  Turned it into another server.

Since your moving to a new domain, it would probably be best to bring the new domain into the lab and do an offline migration.   setup new domain, with exhange, exmerge from 5.5 to Pst files on the new exchange server, then make the new users and Import the data.  You get a few more things outof this.  

You know your data is secure, no worries about losing data or restoring a server, you can instantly restore services if a problem arises, you don't have to change MX records, you can have the domain up and running and have Nil down time for both AD, mail, files, network services.  

If your workstations need to be brought over, then it's just a matter of scheduleing the cutover.

if u got any questions just post em...>


You are moving to Exchange 2000?
So from a version that is four generations old to one that is three? Both of which are no longer supported. How odd.

If you are going to a new domain then you can only use the exmerge route.
You should not in place upgrade any versions of Exchange.

Therefore I would build the new domain, install Exchange, configure and get everything working exactly as required.
Then plan to switch the workstations across and move email delivery to the new server.
Once email is flowing through the new server, move the email using exmerge.

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Here is how I perform such a migration.
1. Build the new domain (in your case W2k domain) and install Exchange 2000 in it.
2. Establish a two way trust between the domains and test it.
3. Make the Administrator (and the account which you are going to use for the Exchange 2000 installation members of the Domain Admins group of the NT 4.0 domain).
4. If you have a windows 2003 server in the new domain download and install on it (it does not have to be a Domain Controller) ADMT v3:
If you dont have a Windows 2003 server download and install ADMT v2:
5. Migrate the User and computer accounts from the NT 4.0 domain to the W2k domain. As a result the profiles on the computers will be preserved and the users will have the choice (in the dropdown box for the domain) to choose which domain to login to.
6. Use the Exchange migration wizard to move the mailboxes to the new exchange 2000. It will keep the original mailboxes on the old Exchange 5.5 and it will be fully functional so you dont risk anything. Actually at the end your old domain and Exchange 5.5 will be fully functional and the users will be able to login to it and use it.

Best Regards,

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These are great answers, unfortunetely i don't have an extra box for exchange. The only new server i am adding is the Domain controller. I like this EXMERGE thing, is there a way to pull the mailboxes or .PST files out one by one and then merge them back in after the upgrade?  Also for Sembee, it may seem odd, but exchange is expensive for a small business of 45 people.
Yes, use EXMerge to move all the mail boxes and Public folders out of your current exchange environment.  Decomission the server, Make your new mailserver, test, setup users, and import their PST files into their newly created mailbox.

BTW, I do understand that it cost's an absorbent amount, I always look at the time and knowledge needed, as it may overshadow the simple costs of a new server..   Cheers, Hope this helps.  And Sembee is quite aware of what the costs are, He is the MAN!!!  LOVE U Sembee!!!


If Exchange is expensive for your organization have you considered implementing a different messaging solution?
For example Scalix is a very robust platform which integrates with Active Directory. It has a free community version and an enterprise one. You can find a screencast about the installation, active directory integration and some of its features here:

PS: If youve read carefully my post you will notice that the suggested approach avoids a couple of troubles:
1. You dont have to create manually the user account s in the new domain.
2. You dont have to join manually their machines to the new domain.
3. Their desktop profiles are preserved which is part of the main goal  a seamless migration (otherwise they have to create new profiles which normally brings a lot of confusion).
4. You dont have to reconfigure manually their Outlook profiles.
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