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Publishing a Web interface through Sonicwall 3060 Pro Enhanced

PRO 3060 Enhanced
SonicOS Enhanced

I'm attempting to use the SonicWall Public Server Wizard to publish access to a Citrix Web Interface.
I can connect to the Citrix web interface on the LAN through IE with the sever name or IP.
I can Ping my SonicWall Primary WAN IP say ( from an oustiside source.
I can remotely administer the appliance Via th Primary WAN IP externaly or the LAN Ip Internally.

I cannot ping my additional public IP ( that i wish to assing to the citrix web interface.
It appears that the Public Server Wizard created the following:
Adress objects (public and private)
NAT Policies
Access Rules
Custom Services.
However when i put the public IP ( in IE from a remote source (not my LAN) i get nothing. When I try to ping i get no reply even though I can ping the WAN primary ( and get a reply.  
I created an access rule from WAN to WAN from ANY with the Ping service to my additional Public IP ( and when I attempt a ping from a remote source the Tx Bytes and Packets Increase but Rx Bytes and Packets do not.

I think I'm close to being able to ping this additional IP and get it to NAT to my server running the Citrix Web interface. Is there some high level or config setting I'm missing?

Any help is much apopreciated.
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Published through my Old Watchguard and I can connect from outside source.
So I know it is not on the Citrix server side.
I guess that the NAT is just different on the SonicWall

Any help getting it set is much appreciated.

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I posted both places and go my answer last night.

I had the wrong gateway on my test server.