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Migrating from Delphi 7 to 2005 with Corelabs MYDAC and INDY 10

Paer Toernell
Last Modified: 2010-04-05
Im running Delphi 7 with Corelabs MYDAC (mysql connection) and using INDY 10 for email and FTP. Both theese are available for Delphi 2005 also. The thing that makes me want to step over to 2005 is CoreLabs MySQL Developer Tools that is integrated with MYDAC in 2005 but not in 7. Very temtating, but how mutch problem vill i have taking this step?

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To answer your question directly, "how much problem will I have taking this step"...

no one knows!

I can only speak in generalities but, generally, your Delphi 7 Code compiled under Delphi 2005 WILL have a couple of problems. This means rewriting a section of code or it could be as simple as changing '' to Null or something just as easy.

Most all problems occur in third party components.

1). Make sure that every component you use in your D7 project is available and installed in D2005

2). Create a complete copy of your project and its project directories before you try importing it into D2005 and compiling it.  Use the copy to work in D2005.

3). Make sure that you can write a test application using your components and that you can build it without out any location errors. I.E. the compiler cannot find one of your libraries dcu file or pas files etc.

There are advantages to moving up to the next gen compilers, but it could compile and run without any problems under d2005. I doubt it. Something WILL have to be changed/recoded somewhere. Again, it could be simple or it could be pretty difficult. It just all depends on your code and your components.

Hope this gave you a bit of insight.



Hi and thanx.

So then there is another option. Delphi 2005 or 2007? I hear that 2007 is more stabile and if i anyway will have problems, why not get to 2007?

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