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DOS - Trim Text File

andyb7901 asked
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Is there anyway to trim a text file using dos? I am using Blat to send a result of a defrag to my email address. This runs weekly. However, the file is pretty big and contains rubbish. All i would really need is the last ten or so lines? Is there anyway to trim a text file using dos or smoething?
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Top Expert 2007

Try this:

@echo off

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set linesNeeded=10

set fileName=%~1

if "%~1"=="" set /p fileName=Enter input file name:
if "%fileName%"=="" goto :EOF
if not exist "%fileName%" echo %fileName% does not exist&goto :EOF

set outFile=%~2

if "%~2"=="" set outFile=output.txt

set /a lineCnt=0

for /f %%a in ('type "%fileName%"') do set /a lineCnt+=1

set /a skipCnt=%lineCnt% - %linesNeeded%

if /i %skipCnt% LSS 1 copy "%fileName%" "%outFile%"&goto EXIT

del "%outFile%" 2>NUL

set /a lineCnt=0

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('type "%fileName%"') do (
  set /a lineCnt+=1
  if /i !lineCnt! GTR %skipCnt% (echo %%a)>>"%outFile%"


echo Output in %outFile%


Where would this place the output file? And where would I name it?


I am running it with my input file to = C:\Hello.txt and when I run the Bat ti stops on the dos screen and needs me to press enter. It simply has in the Dos Screen; C:\Hello.txt
Top Expert 2007

The processing has the following usage:

batchfilename [input file] [output file]

If you do not enter the input file name the program will prompt you. If not output file name is given the default of output.txt is used.

In your case you might say:

batchfilename c:\hello.txt c:\hello.out

If you were to utilize this in a batch file you'd say:

call batchfilename c:\hello.txt c:\hello.out


So what would be the correct syntax if I had a file called Hello in C:\ and an ouput called Goodbye.txt in C:\.
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