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Mapped drives do not work on Windows Server 2003/XP clients

Last Modified: 2010-03-05
Windows Server 2003,  workstations are win xp pro.

mapped network drives work on my non admin account but does not work on other user accounts accounts.
im useing the net use command for mapping the drives,  the net use commands DO work if i try them once logged in.  The commands are correct, as said they work on one user account.  Folder redirection for the mydocs works fine on all users.  
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Do you get any kind of error message?


no, no error messages, everything seems to load fine, just no mapped drives. i even set it to show the command shell window when it load to see if it was generating an error and the windows never even showed up.

Make sure echo is on and put a pause line at the end of your script; that way you can continue to interact with the script after logon is finished.  That might help.  

When and how are you attempting to map the drive?
Is it part of a Domain/Local Group Policy logon script, batch file in the user's startup folder, ....?

And have you verified that the mapping works for the other users as well as with your own Non-Admin account?

I may have misunderstood. When you said "The commands are correct, as said they work on one user account." were you meaning Your non-admin account or one of the users you want it to work with?


Krompton - its is a script that is in the group policy, logon script bat file.  It works on my non-admin account, which is assigned to an OU.  there is one other person in that OU and the map scripts dont work for him, nor others in the domain.
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How are your employees connected to the network?  If they connect via wireless only, then they do not get an IP address until they login.  If they have no IP on login, the script will not run as it cannot find the script.  Chances are the network connection is not ready on login yet.  You can set this in a GPO to "wait for network at startup".  i don't typically recommend this.


Krompton - let me check on those things and i will get back with you.

Thanks to ALL that have replied, ill post ASAP
looks like you just beat me to it krompton.  ;)


It's funny how often we click submit to find as the page refreshes that someone posted almost the same idea. :) I've had it happen several times.



Did you get the problem resolved?


sorry for the delay in posting a reply, i was off Friday and yesterday my boss volunteered me to help a friend of his that had a small problem with their system not initializing active directory, yeah, small problem.  It so happens their IT person was on vacation this week and decided NOT to have someone on standby for any problems that arise.  What could possibly happen when you go on vacation right?
Oh, did i mention he did not give his client the admin password?  wow, yeah, they are still down.

Anyway, as for my issue, still having problems, i checked shares and security and its ok and pretty much i am unfamilar with vbscript and am apprehensive about trying it, doesnt mean i wont but im not sure 100 percent how to write it and apply it.


While logged on with one of the user accounts for which it doesnt work what, if any, message(s) do you get when you type \\ServerName\ShareName in Windows Explorer or the Run box?

If you get a prompt for a username\password then there is almost certainly permission problem
and youll have to look at the Share/NTFS settings again.

If, on the other hand, the directory listing opens up then it is probable that the drive mapping is being attempted before the user has authenticated network access.

Then you should set Always wait for network at computer startup and logon to Enabled in you GPO settings (CompConfig>Admin>System>Logon) And / Or try the small vbscript I posted earlier.



Good job Krompton, i got them working now, thanks to all that gave their input!

You are very welcome. Thanks.
Curious; was it a single problem or combination?


i didnt do one at a time like i should of but i think it was a couple of different issues, waiting for the network and running the scripts synchronously that did it.  i looked back at the settings i had for my admin account and thats how i had set them up, well aside from the wait for the network option.

Thanks again!

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