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Whenever I print from MS Word I get an extra page at the end that says PCL XL error Warning: IllegalMediaSource.

I am printing to a printer that is connected to another PC and is shared.  No one else in my office gets this error.  I only get it when printing from MS Word.  MS Excel, Outlook, etc. print fine.

I went to the HP website and downloaded the most recent driver and installed it and the problem still exists.  Any thoughts?

I'm running XP SP2.  The printer is an HP LaserJet 2100 PCL6.
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Have you tried setting manual printing to Off on the printer itself?

It would be somewhere in the menu, for example:

Menu- Configure Device/Printing/Manual Feed/*OFF

You might also consider trying a different driver than the PCL6 for the HP 2100.  

Here is the HP drivers page for your printer model:

I'd suggest to try each driver under "Universal Print Driver"


I deleted the printer and reinstalled it with the new driver I downloaded and now it works.

Fantastic! I'm glad to hear things are working now!

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