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Cannot connect with Remote Desktop

Last Modified: 2013-11-21
I just got a new computer with Windows Home Edition.  It is a Dell Dimension E521.  I upgraded to Windows XP SP2.  It came with Norton Internet Security which I uninstalled and installed Zone Alarm.  I cannot connect to this computer using Remote Desktop (I had no problems with my previous computer) even when I disable Zone Alarm and have the Windows Firewall turned off.  It can be pinged, but Remote Desktop cannot connect.  I get the standard error message "The client could not connect to the remote computer.  Remote connections might not be enabled....."

I can't figure this one out.  I also looked at the Zone Alarm log and the most interesting thing is that it has logged no access attempts to my computer.  I have a DSL modem and noticed when I have my friend, who is helping me troubleshoot this problem, (I got his IP address unblocked) access the computer, the lights blink once and then he gets that message.  So, he is hitting the PC.

When I had Norton Internet Security installed, I noticed that it said something about blocking access for Zone Alarm.

Here is what I've tried:
1) Turning off Zone Alarm
2) Uninstalled Norton Internet Security
3) Made sure the Windows firewall is off.
4) Made sure the client computers IP address was unblocked (shouldn't matter if firewalls are turned off)

Only 1 other thing.  I do use the VPN Client (I think it is by Cisco) to connect to a network computer at work, but I made sure it wasn't loaded also.

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One more thing.  When I obtained my IP address I used http://www.whatismyip.com.  However, when I do an IP config, I get a different IP address.  It reads:  I think this is a reserved IP address though.  If I try to remote desktop into that IP address from the console it says, I'm already connected, but even from the console I cannot get any type of connection back to the console when I use the IP address I get from www.whatismyip.com.  I know the connection is making it to the modem because the light blinks, but that is all.
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Robert SilverSr. Software Engineer

I want to point out that ZONE ALARM does not work with Dell E521 computers with 64 Bit AMD Athlon processors. For those not in the know Take note of this -

Norton 2009 Internet Security does support 64 bit  according to the more official channels.
Unfortunately Symantec/Norton is lame and has not updated their support people to the fact that their products support this environment or so they claim.
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