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SQL 2000 OSX connection issue

Last Modified: 2013-12-07
Hi experts,

Have a sql issue. My database, which is on a sql 2000 server on a windows 2003 server, standard edition. All of the XP clients can connect fine through the built in XP sql ODBC driver, on port 1433 (I assume). None of our Macintosh OS X boxes can connect to it. I am using the "ACCUAL SQL ODBC driver for it.

I did a port scan on the mac, and it shows that the server does not have the 1433 port open. But, on the sql server, it says that it is listening on port 1433 and the XP clients work fine.

So my question is why the macs cannot see the open port, and can anyone help resolve this issue?

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Hi sarasotamac,
      What is the exact error message that you are receiving?    I am also assuming that the ODBC Driver you are using is  "Actual"   not Accual.  
      If you are using "Actual" then what program are you using to connect to the SQL Server?  Excel?

Steven Stuart
sarasotamacIT Manager


the problem is solved. For solution purposes, I will explain. First, the xp machines worked because they we using "named pipes", not tcp/ip. Second, the sql server had coruption (per micosoft support) in the tcp/ip listening and had to be reinstalled. Third, the old odbc connector, open link, did not work correctly with the programs we were running, due to it being a multitier connector.

So once we solved the microsoft sql corruption, it opened port 1433, and once we used the new ACTUAL odbc connector, all worked perfect.

thanks for taking interest in my issue

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