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Laptop cooling problem

Last Modified: 2013-11-17
I am having problems with my HP DV1000 laptop.
It was overheating and shutting off, and upon closer inspection I found the fan was not functioning.
I dissassembled and found no apparent visable fault with the fan, but decided to replace the fan as a first step. The new fan came on for approx 30 seconds and stopped. It has not run again but seems mechanically fine. Having it looked at by a qualified person is not an option because I live in the 3rd world.
Next step I guess is to find out what triggers the fan, a heat sensor I assume. Is there anything that could be wrong other than hardware? Oh and before I try to test the fan I'd like to know why it has 3 wires red, yellow and black
Hope someone can help please!

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I think you dont have fan issue, CPU might be fried during overheat.
Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information Officer

Does the computer work on its own?
Could be a bad problem on the motherboard.
Check into the BIOS nad see if it has a section for temperature.
If so, check to see how hot it gets. If it gets really hot, then PUNKY might be right.

Another option is that you could get a cooler plate over the internet for it.
Will keep the temperature down.


The computer works fine, nothing wrong except fan doesn't work, at the moment I am using a small external fan to keep CPU at about 45 degrees C. This setup isnt very portable so I would like to find the solution.
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strickjh2005, that is helpful. By any chance do you know what voltage the fan is so I can test it?
Top Expert 2007
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Generally V and A are listed on the fan. V being voltage and A being amperage of course. If it isn't listed you can always run a multimeter on the mobo to find out what voltage it usually gives.

However if you don't have a mutimeter then just try 3 volts. That is the most common laptop voltage I have seen. If it seems to loud pull it down to 1.3 volts.
If you do want to back up your data please keep in mind that Hard drive activity heats up a laptop very quickly. Make sure you are somewhere chilly.


I guess I need to get a multimeter, fan does not spin at 3v DC or 9v DC. next I guess I need to see what's going on on the MOBO. I hope both fans aren't toast they are expensive!
The system is fine with the external fan, if I can't figure out the problem I'll just rig the internal fan to run full time or maybe on a switch.. Last HP I'll buy though...
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